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These are the rules of MothCraft.

They must be followed to play on MothCraft. A short summary of these rules can be viewed in-game by typing /rules and /rules 2.

These rules are here to show you how to play with other players, without being offensive or harmful, even with dealing with the younger players which seem to frequent Minecraft as a whole. Minecraft is wonderful in that you can create whatever you want, and multiplayer was created to allow you to share that experience with others. This is why we keep a set of rules on MothCraft.

These rules are not here to hinder you from enjoying MothCraft. They are here to ensure that all players can enjoy MothCraft. All players are responsible for knowing our rules, and all players must read /rules before completing our tutorial and playing. When the rules are broken, we do not require the staff to inform you of a broken rule before rendering punishments. Please have a good idea of our rules before playing on our server.

Breaking our rules can have various consequences. While most of the time breaking a rule results in a ban or kick, other punishments can follow as well. If you think you received an undeserved ban, you may post on the ban appeal board. [to link to a forum]


Brief Description of Staff positions and responsibilities:

Mod – We choose players to be moderators to help control our chat and also to assist new players. If you have an issue with a moderator kicking you for swearing in chat, keep in mind they are doing as we ask.

Builder – They build and create public parts of the server like minigames arenas, spawn village, the lobby/hub, and other stuff. They also have moderation power.

Admin – These players are the primary staff of MothCraft, they help players, they enforce rules, they ban players.

Curator – Curators are most like Managers, or System Admins, and are the highest staff other than Owners, they set overall rules of the server, they build the server, they apply the mods to the server, etc. They also monitor and carry out the duties of the other staff as well when applicable.

Owner – This is Moth and Oatcake, Co-Owners of the server.

Inactivity Process[edit]

To keep our map as clean as possible, all builds owned by players who have been inactive 60 days can be removed due to inactivity unless the player has posted in our Vacation forums & left a sign at their build/base, notifying us of their absence. Once the player has notified us in that thread AND on signs in game, staff will not touch the builds owned by that player.


ALL players must abide


1) Do as the staff says

We choose every member of staff because we feel they can help us keep order on the server. If a staff member tells you to stop doing something, DO NOT ARGUE. Simply do as they say and allow all players to continue enjoying the server. If you ever have an issue with one, PM an SA /Owner on the boards or /MSG them in game. Punishments can include: Kicks, tempbans, and bans.


2) Do not Grief Griefing is the action of destroying someone else’s things. When a player builds something on our map, they should be able to leave and come back later without their work being destroyed. Griefing can include:

Removing or adding blocks to a build Flooding with lava/water Rewriting or leaving signs Locking others’ chests and doors Removing or adding paintings Destroying any part of a build/Killing someone’s farm animals Punishments can include: Bans and tempbans.


3) Do not steal Do not take items that do not belong to you. Examples of stealing include, but are not limited to, the following:

Taking items from someone else’s chests/furnaces/dispensers Picking up items that someone dropped to give to another user Taking items from any server structure Punishments can include: Bans and temp-bans


4) Do not hack on our server Hacking is changing how data is sent between the server and the client or using that data in a way not intended by the game. This includes (but is not limited to):

- X-ray mods, x-ray texture packs, and ore finders

- Fly/Speed hacks

- PVP/autotarget auras

- Inventory/Item hacks

- Spam/Login hacks

We do not restrict anyone from using whatever client they would like to while on MothCraft. We simply ask that you do not use the client’s abilities while on our server. You may see admins in-game using building mods to work on our server. In some instances, this is okay. Punishments can include: Bans, temp-bans, and IP bans.


5) Do not use rude or vulgar language on our server

Do not swear or use vulgar language in any chat, even Private Messages or /MSG. Do not put any vulgar language on signs or build words out of blocks. Do not use rude or vulgar behavior. This includes being rude to other players. Do not post links in chat to vulgar content. This includes inappropriate and offensive videos, sites intended to crash web browsers, and any other harmful site. Do not post porn or other vulgar images of any kind. Again, if you are told to stop, do so. It doesn’t matter if you think it is not offensive, someone else might.

Punishments may include: Kick, mute, temp-ban, ban


6) Do not exploit glitches Glitches are those weird little quirks that abuse the game’s code to make things happen when they should not. Most are harmless, but some can be extremely harmful to our server. Instead, please contact a server admin or owner by talking in-game or contacting them through discord here

This includes duplication glitches, infinite items, logout glitches, and anything else which can be called a “glitch”. This includes avoiding AFK kicker if you are AFK. Punishments can include: Bans, temp-bans, and IP bans


7) Do not build offensive or vulgar symbols

This includes Nazi symbols, upside-down crosses, rude body parts, and any other symbol which has a negative meaning. We believe every person has the right to express their beliefs. If you wish you place a non-offensive symbol on your personal build, you may. This means crosses, pentacles, and other religious symbols. However, we cannot allow swastikas as they have a strong negative meaning. This includes picture maps with rude or vulgar images on them. Punishment: Temp-ban or ban


8) No non-consented PvP Do not cause any harm to another player who has not agreed to it. This includes traps, placing sand over someone’s head, intentional drowning, and luring mobs to kill them. Punishment: Ban or temp-ban


9) Please don’t waste our time

Our staff gets busy and have schedules to keep both in and out of game. Please, if you have an issue in-game, use /helpop or call for an admin via /MSG or in global chat. If you want to show off your build, we might be too busy to come admire your work. Do not raise an alarm in global chat to tell us that you finally completed a build. Do not call for admins unless there is a good reason. /helpop should be used to report rules being broken or to ask for help in-game. Do not abuse our help system. Punishment: Kick, temp-ban, or ban


10) Do not advertise other servers

MothCraft is not the place for you to advertise your server. We do not go to other servers and advertise MothCraft and ask that you treat us with the same respect. We will also punish players who advertise MothCraft on other servers without that server’s permission. Do not do this. They get very annoyed. Punishment: Kick or ban


11) Do not use client mods to give you an in-game advantage. We allow certain mods to be used on MothCraft. However, any mods which change the data in the game or are specifically made to give you an advantage over other players may not be used. Punishment: Ban or temp-ban


12) Report any violation of the rules to a member of the staff. If you need to report a staff member themselves, please contact one of the two Owners. Failure to report a violation of above rules may sometimes constitute a violation in itself. This can include, but it not limited to:

Mining with someone you suspect is using an X-ray mod Chatting with people and they state they have mods Receiving items that another obtained via hack, mod, or griefing Punishment: Ban or temp-ban


13) Do not build within 40 horizontal blocks of another player’s build or within 100 blocks of a town/village The minimum block distance rule only applies outside of towns, cities, and Spawn. Within those, the lot lines serve as the build zones and are handled as such. Consider using the viewing distance of “Far” in settings and moving away until its unseen, or a minimum of 100 blocks. We encourage village owners to seek incorporation over eviction when possible. Punishment: Buildings being removed, bans, temp-bans


14) Do not create mob farms that may cause excessive lag Farms with an excessive amount of mobs are detrimental to server performance and impair the playing experience for everyone. Mob farms (villagers included) found to have more than 100 mobs are subject to mob removal at an admin’s discretion. The only exception to this rule is for approved public farms. Punishment: Removal of mobs, temp-ban or ban on repeat offenses


15) Staff Impersonation We do not allow any sort of staff impersonation. This includes but is not limited to,

Changing to a name that is similar to a staff members username Changing to a name that suggests an official MothCraft representative Changing into a staff members skin without permission Claiming to be staff Minimodding – Let staff do their job, if you think they didn’t see something, let them know in PM!