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Skywars is a PVP game mode where players attack each other, either solo or teams. Through the use of kits, the players can gain an starting advantage if they wish. Each island contains a possible area where a player can spawn. The user can do three types of actions, build to the “middle island” (Terminology meant to mean the literal middle island, or in the case of the Cozycon map: Outside buildings), build to others players, or camp on their own island.

Throughout the game, different events will happen at random chance and time, such as ghast, or wither event. However some events such as the mob rush and chest refill always happen throughout the game.

The player has the ability to choose what kind of glass, and taunt they want.

The player can find the room for the skywars by going through to the minigames server and finding the portal inside the skywars room.

Voting System

Kit Selection

See kit section of this wiki to see more details about the kits.

Chest Selection

  1. Random: Selects a random type of chest.
  2. Basic: Contains all-around type of items. Some good items might be found, such as ender pearls, golden apples.
  3. Normal: Contains stronger items than basic mode, explosives. May find good armor, or enchanted golden apples.
  4. OP: Contains very good armor, weapons, end crystals, and occasionally, a totem of undying.
  5. Scavenger: No items in any chests. You work with the kit you chose, and resources on the map.

Health Selection

  1. Random: Selects a random type of health.
  2. 5
  3. 10
  4. 15
  5. 20

Time Selection

  1. Random: Selects a random type of time.
  2. Dawn
  3. Noon
  4. Dusk
  5. Midnight

Weather Selection

  1. Random: Selects a random type of weather.
  2. Sunny
  3. Rain
  4. Thunder
  5. Snow (may not always work)

Modifier Selection

  1. Random: Selects a random type of modifier.
  2. Speed
  3. Jump
  4. Strength
  5. None (Won't stop beacons from working, just doesn't apply a permanent potion effect at the beginning of the game)


A skywars kit is a selection of items that a player can choose at the beginning of the match.


The troll kit comes with tnt, flint and steel, and cobweb. This kit is useful for slowing down people and trapping with them TNT.


The Pharoah kit comes with some iron armor and a golden helmet. It also contains a beacon and 50 blocks of emerald. This kit is useful for making beacon effects and possibly for a durable block to hide with.


The hunter kit comes with a bow and 16 arrows. Useful for making a fast move from a distance.

Water God

The water god kit is a kit that comes with 3 Tridents and a Turtle Helmet. Though, it may have some power in maps without water. Your best abilities are when it is raining or/and thundering. Useful for attacking from a distance, and also fast escape (Where certain conditions apply).

MothCraft Member Pack (Formerely Cozycon Member Pack)

A kit with reference to the cozycon event, that when at the cozycon mothcraft server, would play Careless Whisper, and has very basic armor. Currently the only kit that plays music and has no uses in fighting.


A kit with some cake, golden apple, Vex spawn eggs, Fox spawn eggs, and milk. This kit can be useful for slowing down, distracting, and clearing potion effects.


A kit with loads of life forms, some armor, and potion effects. Useful for distracting and basic healing properties in fight. It is a reference to JoJo.


Probably the most useless kit. It can be used into fooling enemies into thinking that you are new to the battle, and then attacking them with better tools.


A kit that contains a pickaxe and some stone. Useful for a guarantee that you will be able to mine ores, and other blocks fast.


A kit that can be used to hook items, and players. May also be used for collecting treasure.


A kit that contains armor, golden apple, and a totem of undying. Can be useful in fights. Also another JoJo reference.


A kit that contains enchanting table and experience bottles. Useful for guaranteeing enchantments.

Mothcraft (Formerly Cozycon)

A kit that contains a semi-broken elytra, and fireworks rockets (They will damage the player a bit). Useful for rushing other players, rushing to “middle island”, and making speedy escapes. A kit that was originally designed as well to be for the cozycon server.


Probably a Dragon Ball reference. Contains armor, splash potions, ender pearls, and an elytra with far less fireworks than the Mothcraft kit. Can be used to make escapes and deal some stronger attacks.


A kit that contains a pack of wolves to fight on your behalf. Also with a side of bones.


A kit that contains potions. Each potion may be used in different sitautions. Useful for tricking the enemy.


Another JoJo reference. A kit with some potions, bow and arrows, ravager spawn eggs. Can be useful for attacking the enemy from a distance with “knifes”, inflicting temporary potion damage, and creating a diversion.


A kit that contains webs, arrows and some redstone items. Useful for building traps.


A kit that doesn't seem to include much on the outside, and is similar to the Potion kit, however, it is more geared towards the idea of gravity (A JoJo reference), and allows the player to have slow falling, and slowness potions. Useful for getting out of sticky sitautions (at the cost of two potions also increasing the resistance of enemies hit by the potion).


By, far most certainty, a JoJo reference. Contains leather armor, and a guaranteed one hit kill sword (with one durability). This kit is overpowered in situations such as where the chest votes are not as overpowered, or against people with weak or no armor; However, there are ways to combat this kit's sword, such as by the means of the Tank, Giorno, or Knight kit, or by the means of a totem of undying, strong armor, or a shield.


A kit that contains all gold armor. It is useful in being able to give a basic level of protection.


Contains a golden apple, a piece of iron armor, and eggs to throw at players. Useful for slight damage attacks from a distance.

Evil Man

A kit that contains the ability to spawn mobs, however.. not all villians are successful. Useful for creating distractions.

Kira Yoshikage

A JoJo reference. It contains things related to explosions, some armor, and basic teleportation ability.


The last JoJo reference. It is a kit that contains invisibility and poison potions, as well as a crossbow and sword. Useful for making a sneaky attack.


A kit with a iron sword, armor, and a very durable shield. This kit is useful for standing ground in a fight situation.


A kit with full diamond armor, that is able to provide protection to the player–at the cost of speed.


A kit with some enderman minions, the ability to teleport. Useful for diversion and speedy escape.

Block Builder

Afraid of using an ender pearl? This kit will provide the player with 64 stone, and armor. Useful for bridging.



The Cozycon map is a map that has a maximum of 6 people, and a minimum of 3 people. Though the map doesn't have any middle island, the buildings outside have the center chests. This map has several hiding spots. This map is made by SoftDiamond and others. It originally was built for the Cozycon event.


The Guitar map is made by Mutschigana. It requires a minimum of 2, and a maximum of 4 people. The stucture beside the guitars contain center chests. Although players won't fall into the void, this map presents danger in fall damage by falling off, so the use of a water bucket, ender pearl, or totem of undying map help negate dying from falling off. This map has chests scattered high and low throughout the floor, painting, flowers, and more.

Ice Cream

The Ice Cream map is made by Mythical Rey. It requires a minimum of 4, and a maximum of 8.


The Mushroom map requires a minimum of 6, and a maximum of 12. It has some small islands around the spawn islands. It is made by calderror

Ocean Temple

This map has a lot of islands that the player can explore, and a platform at the bottom, of which falling down, one may want some blocks or an ender pearl. It is made by calderror. It requires a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 16.

Wild West

The Wild West map requires 4 people, and a maximum of 8 people. It is made by a_nobody. This map is spread out, so the use of a enderpearl is recommended.


The city map requires a minimum of 4 people, and a max of 8. The map is made by b1nny. This map is fairly small and can use ender pearls or bridging across to make it to other places.

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