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 [[Cosmetics]]\\ [[Cosmetics]]\\
 ==Survival== ==Survival==
 [[Horses]]\\ [[Horses]]\\
 [[Ores and Minerals]]\\ [[Ores and Minerals]]\\
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 [[BattlePass]]\\ [[BattlePass]]\\
 [[BlockLocker]]\\ [[BlockLocker]]\\
 [[CMI]]\\ [[CMI]]\\
 [[CraftBook]]\\ [[CraftBook]]\\
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 [[Hunger]]\\ [[Hunger]]\\
 [[Invisible]]\\ [[Invisible]]\\
 [[Potions]]\\ [[Potions]]\\
 [[RegionDeleter]]\\ [[RegionDeleter]]\\
-[[Twillight Portal]]\\ 
 ==Creative== ==Creative==
 [[Plots]]\\ [[Plots]]\\
 ==Minigames== ==Minigames==
 [[Duels]]\\ [[Duels]]\\
 [[Parkour]]\\ [[Parkour]]\\
 [[MiniBoardGames]]\\ [[MiniBoardGames]]\\
 [[Paintball]]\\ [[Paintball]]\\
 [[TNT Reloaded]]\\ [[TNT Reloaded]]\\

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