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-You'​re ​the first player ​to visit this page! If you know how this plugin or add-on works, please ​edit the page and write about it!+Here is the link to the actual wiki for craftbook, please ​keep in mind we only have the enabled mechanics listed below active on the server.
-enabled-mechanics:​ +https://​craftbook.enginehub.org/​en/​latest/​mechanics/​ 
-Variables + 
-Ammeter +enabled mechanics:​ 
-BetterLeads +Variables 
-Bookcase +Ammeter 
-Bridge +BetterLeads 
-Door +Bookcase 
-Gate +Bridge 
-HiddenSwitch +Door 
-JackOLantern +Gate 
-Jukebox +HiddenSwitch 
-Netherrack +JackOLantern 
-Pay +Jukebox 
-Pipes +Netherrack 
-MinecartItemPickup +Pay 
-MinecartMoreRails +Pipes 
-MinecartEjector +MinecartItemPickup 
-MinecartMessenger +MinecartMoreRails 
-MinecartRailPlacer +MinecartEjector 

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