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* /cv - opens the menu
* /cv town [town name] - creates a town using the town type block you are holding at the location you are standing
* /cv toggleann - toggles on/off the periodic hints in chat
* /cv accept - Accepts a town invite
* /cv bounty [player|town name] [amount] - Sets a bounty on a player or town
* /cv newday - Runs a new day cycle (civs.admin permission required)
* /cv really [old name] [new name] - Renames an alliance
* /cv reload - Reloads Civs (civs.admin permission required)
* /cv advancetut [player name] - Advances the player one step further on their current tutorial path.
* /cv rename [old name] [new name] - Renames a town
* /cv reset [player name] - Deletes all regions and removes all player data for that player (civs.admin permission required)
* /cv sell [amount] - Sells the region you are standing in (only works on sellable regions ie: housing)
* /cv tax [town name] [amount] - Sets the daily tax for the town (only available to certain government types)
* /cv withdraw [amount] - Withdraws money from the town bank (only available to town owners)

Government Types

Player Tutorial


There is no button or command to declare war. Towns can form alliances by clicking a button in the town's menu to set the town as an ally.

Civs wars usually have the following progression:

- Build outposts with siege machines near the town you want to destroy. These siege machines warm up, and slowly increase their rate of fire. A fully evolved siege machine destroys 960 power per 24 hours.
- You kill players for -12 power and villagers for -4 power.
- The enemy uses Catapults, TNT (either placed near the edge of the outpost or shot from cannons) to reduce your outpost's power to zero (so the outpost can be blown up).
- You try to stop them by killing them or building walls/waterfalls to block the TNT.
- Once the enemy town reaches zero power it will lose an upgrade (the outer ring crumbles to gravel). If a settlement reaches zero power, then it loses it's TNT protections. Have fun blowing up the town.

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